Buick SunCoupe Registry
You will receive a copy of this information for free. Also send a photo of your car. If
you sell your car, send me a note and I will add the new owner’s name. If you only
want the information package and have no car to register, please send $10 to cover
copy and postage costs.
Send me the VIN of any SunCoupes you know were destroyed.
If you have any additional information not included in the booklet, please forward a
clean copy or loan me the original document and I will scan and return it.
Would love to see window stickers, build sheets, and Sloan documentation.
All information sent remains confidential. I would never provide owners
information or VIN numbers with anyone.

 Link to FORM
Thank you for your interest in the SunCoupe registry.
I founded this in 1990 shortly after the purchase of my GS Stage 1 SunCoupe, with
the intent of collecting as much information as possible and documenting the
remaining cars. I have assembled a 35 page booklet of factory documents, repair
procedure’s, and dealer brochures with the help of fellow SunCoupe owners. To
register your car, just complete and return the form.