My previous occupation as an Automotive Engineer gives me access to many manufacturers of
components and materials, some of which where the OEM suppliers when our cars were new.

As a small company I do not have the resources to do large projects such as sheet metal, but if
you have suggestions and there is a need I will consider other projects.

In 1989 I bought my first Buick, a 72 GS Stage 1 Sun Coupe. While performing the restoration I ran
into several roadblocks and general frustration with the lack of correct replacement parts for the
Buick GS models. So I’ve started Caruso Performance and Restoration. I am dedicated to
producing the best quality parts and services possible for reasonable prices.
My first product was the tailpipe hangers for 71-72 cars with the N-25 thru the bumper exhaust
extensions. I have made over 300 sets since 1994. These can be made in sizes up to 3 inch. I can
also rebuild your originals.