1978 Kawasaki KX 250 A4
Sold October 2008
Project complete in 2004.

Bike has been set up and used for vintage racing in the evolution class. It has been completely rebuilt mechanically. All new
reproduction plastic and seat cover. The frame, pipe, and gas tank have not been repainted.

New rod kit, main bearings, seals, and fresh bore ( 1st over), Wiesco piston. Cylinder was previously sleeved. New reeds. Stock
pipe with Pro circuit silencer.

Chassis: All bearings cleaned and greased, New Works Performance shocks, forks disassembled and rebuilt, chain and sprockets
Sold June 2011
Project complete in 2011.

It has been completely restored mechanically and cosmetically.
All new paint, plastic, seat foam, and cover.
Engine: New rod kit, main bearings, seals, and fresh bore ( 4st over), Wiesco piston.  Stock pipe and silencer.
Chassis: New fork seals, cables, chain/ sprockets, air filter, throttle, levers, and rear tire.
All wheel and chassis bearings cleaned and regreased or replaced.
stainless steel in the stock sizes and styles.
Sold July 2011
Bike is 100% mechanically restored. Ready for AHRMA MX or local vintage motocross racing. This is THE bike to have if
you want to win. The engine was completely rebuilt, New Wiesco piston, rod kit, crank bearings and seals. Carb was cleaned
and new air filter installed. The front forks were completely disassembled cleaned and have new seals and boots.
All wheel and chassis bearings have been cleaned and greased. Has new Dunlop tires and tubes. Chain is new. Has new
aluminum handle bars, grips, controls, and cables. Rear fender is new from Yamaha. The wheels have been trued. Muffler
was repacked. I’ve done minor touch up including new graphics but the bike is mostly original.